I do the work you hate so you can do the job you love.

Image of a desktop with paperwork and a man's hands writing.

Does this sound familiar?

As a small business owner, what’s keeping you up at night? Many clients felt overwhelmed by the tasks they have to do. Perhaps they were anxious to get their word out on social media or were agonizing about finding time to get that next email campaign out. Maybe they’re worried about keeping up with the fast-paced world of social media. Does any of this sound familiar?

Data, by George! in business since 2011, strives to help successful, busy businesses grow more successful and prosper without necessarily becoming busier. By providing administrative support services. I want to help you succeed by working with you as you grow.

Committed to your business growth as a small business owner myself, I help you with your business so you can meet your goals and realize your dreams.

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