Why you might not always DIY

Person under car doing oil change
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What do you value most in hiring outside help?

For some, the biggest value is having someone take on a part of a project that they just don’t have the skill for on their own. Adding a page to a web site would be an example.

For others, the biggest benefit might be having the task done by someone who is more skilled at it and can do it more quickly. A lot of us know how to change the oil in our car. It’s generally quite easy. But, it’s inconvenient and there are other things we’d rather be doing. So, even though it can take nearly as long to stop in and get it done, even if it’s a stop while doing other errands, it’s a lot easier just to pay them to do it as it is to do it yourself. Social media can be that way. It’s so distracting for a lot of us. Sure, it’s easy to post on our three or four main channels, but it’s hard to get in there and do that and get out and get back to other things.

How about doing the work you went into business to do? How frustrating is it to find yourself having to do a bunch of things you really didn’t sign on for? I know of one person who told me he’s no longer working for himself because he never got around to invoicing his clients. He had the potential of being a highly paid consultant. Imagine if he hired someone just to print and mail invoices!

The great thing about the freelance economy is that these problems and many others can be so easily taken care of with the appropriate person. Just think, your one person operation could have a staff photographer, an IT department and a graphic arts studio available whenever your project needed one and, here’s the kicker, at no cost to you when you don’t.

What’s on your plate, keeping you from moving forward?

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