What do I do?


My friend, Chris Pagli over at Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies (I hope you’re following his “Marketing Gold Mondays” podcasts on Facebook) recently suggested that I should write about the questions people ask me.

That seems still to be, “What do you do?” The first thing I have to think is that I’m not really being clear about that. So, let’s see what I can do about that.

The single most important thing I do is build a bigger, badder toolbox. Why? The more tools I have, the more things I can help you with.

That’s because, I don’t sell a package. I custom design an experience for you. Your needs are not the same as my other clients. I sit down with you and try to listen to what’s holding you back, what’s keeping you up at night, as it were, what are your frustrations and concerns.

The number one concern that almost no one ever articulates is the fear of letting go of things I’ve been doing. Fair enough. That’s just another reason why I want to meet with you so that perhaps I can win your trust enough to give me a shot at what you need done. I’ll even propose strategies that keep you pretty much hands on early on through approval of my work every step of the way until you feel comfortable that I know what I’m doing and you can let go, even just a little bit more.

Once I discover what you really need, what’s making you crazy at your business, we work together to create a strategy. I may do things like:

  • Start taking care of your website for you
  • Make sure the content you’re writing gets out where you want it.
  • Help organize a direct mail campaign for you
  • Help organize an email campaign for you
  • Create some graphics with captions for your social media.
  • Do some basic editing of an image for you
  • Get some data into some database.
  • Send out your invoices

Or we may come up with other things. For example, in the list above, I suggested, “create some graphics with captions for your social media. I never would have thought of listing that as a service until one of my clients asked me to do just that very thing.

What do I do? I do the work you hate so you can do the job you love. I want to help you with your business so you can realize your goals and achieve your dreams.

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