What do you hate to do?

Okay, so it’s way past time to break my blogging silence, and I want to do that by asking a question. It’s actually the core question of what I do.

“What’s blocking you from being productive – from focusing on the money making activities of your business?”

On Alignable, someone asked a similar question, “What business tasks do you put off doing?” It wasn’t a hot question as only a couple of people responded. One person said, “Marketing,” and the other response was basically, “bookkeeping”.

My answer is really similar to the one businessperson who answered, “marketing” because he indicated that he’ll market all day long for his clients, but he never gets around to taking care if his own marketing! That’s me with marketing and the general business paperwork. I have a client who sometimes has me create a meme for his podcast. I listen to the podcast looking for a good quote and then use that to create a meme – a graphic with an appropriate, hopefully either compelling or humorous relevant image (or both) and the quote as a caption. Spend much time on Facebook? You’ve seen memes.

I could be creating quick and easy memes for myself. The latest fad of sayings and pithy quotes on a colored background can be created in just a minute or so in Word or PowerPoint and then sent up to my social media channels.

Are you like that, do you have things that need to get done? Are you feeling the pressure to up your game, but feel bogged down by these detestable chores that lurk in your to do list? Do tell!

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