Why You Should Write Your Own Content


As a virtual assistant, I offer as one of my services the task of posting your social media content. Why do I not write copy? Why do I not offer to write your posts for you?

Social media is just that – social. Even as a busy small business owner, you need to be in some direct contact with your clients through social media. It’s important that they get to know you as a person, and not just as a source for services or a product. That’s the whole point of social media marketing. You’re in a conversation with the world. It’s your story that needs telling.

Ever notice how autobiographies tend to have a certain special appeal? You’re hearing about interesting people in their own voices, getting their personal perspectives and hearing it in their own words.

The same holds for your blogs, Facebook posts, tweets and other forms. Your clients need to hear from you. They don’t really want to hear from your ghost writer because when you have someone else writing your content, the personal touch necessarily gets lost. It takes a skilled professional in their own right to really be able to take the time to read a lot of what you’ve written, get a sense of how you express yourself, what your values are, what your style is and then mimic it.

In the end, I think Chris Pagli sums it up in his post, How “Social” Is Your Social Media Strategy?

What we post online is out there for the world to see. Isn’t that the point? Have we created another mask for people to hide behind? Are you truly bringing your authentic self to your”strategy and posts? If we took away the device would you be the person you claim to be online?

If you’re not writing your own content, how can you be the person on line you are in real life?

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