Are you looking for an assistant, or a file clerk?


If all you need is a file clerk, I’m probably not the person you’re looking for to be a part of your business.

Yes, as a virtual assistant, I can help you with your filing. I can cover your phones for you for a couple of hours. I can help manage your emails. I can do a lot of things you might need.

I can also manage your Word Press site, your social media sites, assist with a lot of the technical aspects of your email or direct marketing campaigns, get you set up to do some e-commerce with your web site and provide a lot of other services.

What sets me apart from the file clerk? First, I don’t want to pick on file clerks. You indeed may need one and benefit from one. Look at it this way. I go to my mechanic when I need my car repaired. I don’t go there to get my oil changed because there are companies who have developed efficient procedures that allow them to do the same quality job for less and I find I get the service I expect.

So, a file clerk may be just exactly what you need.

But, do you only need to get a task done, really? Or do you really need someone who wants to help you execute your business plans so that you can achieve your goals and realize your dreams?

Do you want someone whose main focus is getting a specific task done and getting paid, or someone who values not only you as an entrepreneur, but also, your business, who shares your drive for success and achievement, and whose definition of success is directly linked to your success?

The one of the key values of any virtual assistant is rooted precisely in that person’s ability to be a well rounded assistant for you, in serving you by taking a lot of the administrative overhead off of your shoulders enabling you to focus on the core issues surrounding the growth and prosperity of your business.

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